Alastin TriHex Transition Duo

Discover the ultimate in skincare innovation with the TriHex Transition Duo. This advanced set pairs a full-size Regenerating Skin Nectar with a travel-size Restorative Skin Complex, both infused with patented TriHex Technology®. Ideal for sensitive or compromised skin, the Regenerating Skin Nectar enhances treatment results and stimulates new elastin and collagen production.


The TriHex Transition Duo represents a cutting-edge approach to skincare, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing and maintaining treatment outcomes while addressing the visible signs of aging. Comprising the Regenerating Skin Nectar in a full-size presentation and the Restorative Skin Complex in a convenient travel-size formulation.

The Regenerating Skin Nectar serves as a versatile powerhouse, adept at nurturing sensitive or compromised skin, including post-cosmetic treatment skin, to optimize and prolong treatment results. Infused with patented TriHex Technology®, this rejuvenating elixir harnesses the synergistic benefits of Tripeptide-1 and Hexapeptide-12 to stimulate the production of new, resilient elastin and collagen fibers. For optimal efficacy, it is recommended to apply 1-2 pumps of the Regenerating Skin Nectar both morning and evening to the desired area, exercising caution to avoid contact with the eyes.

Following the initial treatment phase, the Transition Duo seamlessly transitions into the Daily Maintenance phase with the Restorative Skin Complex. Crafted with the same proprietary TriHex Technology®, this travel-size gem is engineered to strengthen the skin’s inherent resilience while targeting wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging. . Similar to its predecessor, the Restorative Skin Complex should be applied 1-2 times daily, ensuring consistent coverage of the desired area while taking care to avoid contact with the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Alastin TriHex Transition Duo?

Alastin TriHex Transition Duo is ideal for patients who have had rejuvenating skin care procedures. The products included prepare the skin before a procedure and supports healing after a procedure.

What skin type is Alastin TriHex Transition Duo good for?

TriHex Transition Duo can be used on compromised or sensitive skin (this includes post-cosmetic treatment skin).

How to use TriHex Transition Duo

Use TriHex Transition Duo before and after a skin-rejuvenating procedure. Apply one or two pumps every morning and evening to the area you desire. Make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes. But if it does, rinse your eyes with a lot of water.

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