Alastin INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology

INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology is formulated with the ChromaFADE technology to help improve the appearance of the skin post-injection. The ChromaFADE technology and other active peptides and botanicals, work synergistically to speed up the body’s process of clearing debris. This process, alongside Alastin’s TriHex Technology, supports the skin’s ability to generate new collagen and elastin, which further enhances the injectable result.


INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology is designed specifically for improving the appearance of the skin after injections. Its advanced formulation, featuring ChromaFADE technology, active peptides, and botanical extracts, works synergistically to accelerate the body’s natural process of clearing debris and enhancing the overall results of injectables.

The key feature of INhance Post-Injection Serum is its ChromaFADE technology, which targets areas of discoloration and uneven skin tone that may occur after injections. This technology helps to fade any post-inflammatory pigmentation or bruising, promoting a more even and uniform complexion. By addressing these concerns, it helps to restore the skin’s natural radiance and minimize the visible signs of the injection process.

Alongside ChromaFADE, this serum also incorporates active peptides and botanicals that work in harmony to support the body’s clearance process. These ingredients help to speed up the removal of debris and byproducts caused by injections, allowing the skin to heal more rapidly and effectively. By aiding the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms, they contribute to a smoother and healthier-looking complexion post-injection.

TriHex Technology, a proprietary blend developed by Alastin, is another key component of this serum. It works to enhance the results of injectables by supporting the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are crucial proteins that provide structure and elasticity to the skin. By promoting the generation of these proteins, TriHex Technology helps to improve skin texture, firmness, and overall skin quality, further enhancing the outcomes of injectable treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the main purpose of INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology after injections?

The main purpose of INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology is to complement injectable treatments like dermal fillers. It helps to accelerate recovery from bruising and swelling after an injection. Additionally, it enhances skin texture and quality by supporting natural elastin production.

How do I use the INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology?

To use, after your injectable treatment, squeeze a small amount of INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology onto its cooling applicator tip. Then, apply it directly to the injection area. Repeat the process four times a day until the tube is empty.

What are the top ingredients in INhance Post-Injection Serum with TriHex Technology?

ChromaFADE Technology- Helps accelerate recovery from injectable treatments and enhances the overall appearance of skin. TriHex Technology- A blend of active peptides and key ingredients that works with the skin to help clear out damaged elastin and collagen and support the skin's natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen. Arnica Montana Extract- Calms the skin and reduces appearance of redness and swelling.

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